Workplace Violence Prevention & Security Consulting Services

My Workplace Violence Prevention – Security Consulting Services are designed with your unique business in mind. I am results – driven, fueled by experience-centered education based insights and applications. Simply put, my holistic approach to Workplace Violence Prevention considers your situation with you in mind tailoring a broad-based approach to the introduction of new methodologies in support of existing policies and plans. Integration, Collaboration and Coordination of resources and effort is the best system to  include senior management in the process. While Communicating the initiative by Training the workforce is the best way to build employee involvement.

“I recommend without any hesitation Felix P. Nater for all you’re Security Consultant requirements. Mr. Felix Nater has high integrity, expert detailed knowledge and provides great results time and time again. Mr. Felix Nater is truly the best in the industry!” Victor Hayghe,  Affinity Health Plan

The following services are designed by Nater Associates, Ltd. with you in mind:

  • Workplace Violence Prevention Consulting This is where you and I meet to discuss your current workplace violence prevention posture and workplace security status as it relates to addressing OSHA’s worksite specific assessment and the 4 Categories of Workplace Violence. It’s an opportunity to discuss the value of an organizational assessment of your existing approach to workplace violence prevention in an effort to identify gaps in the prevention posture and security status and offer practical recommendations. The assessment will serve as a baseline from which future workplace violence training and policy, plans and procedures can be developed. If desired, I can help roll out policies, plans and procedures.  The training I develop with be suited to your needs. It will address senior leadership role and functions, aspects of workplace violence and prevention, active shooter (violence response methodology), personnel security and situational awareness and leadership responsibilities. In the end, we create a self-sustaining capability in support of the OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) Regulation and the ASIS/ SHRM Workplace Violence Prevention Standard.

  • Workplace Security Consulting to help organizations implement, manage, integrate, collaborate, coordinate and communicate workplace security strategy cost effectively and efficiently. Integrating workplace violence prevention as part of the security process and emergency management preparedness plans to insure proper response to an active shooter/hostile intruder incident, domestic violence spillover or criminal activity that includes Alert, Notification and Communication.  In the end the objective of which is to help make organizations become interdependent by establishing a baseline of knowledge from which to insure workplace violence prevention and security programs are understood and executed in meeting organizational expectations.
  • Situational Awareness and Workplace Violence Prevention Training that supports policy, plans and procedures in aspects of workplace violence prevention, violence response and incident assessment at every level of the organization. To achieve an appropriate level of understanding and awareness, I conduct audience and content specific customized training designed to address specific needs, expectations, understanding and execution in minimizing, responding and mitigating  workplace violence or a work-site security threat posed by a current employee, former employee, non-employee or other criminal acts such as robberies.
  • Incident Assessment and Litigation Support Services to help provide organizations with training, technical guidance and assistance in assessing and evaluating specific workplace violence incidents, personnel security threats and 3rd party independent review of workplace violence incidents and investigations.
  • Outsource Security Adviser Services that support organizations to implement, manage and integrate workplace violence prevention and workplace security policy and plans offsite or onsite as needed, provide technical assistance, guidance and direct the security process before, during and after an emergency situation and provide direct on site intervention, crisis management, crisis communication and leadership support.
  • Program Management Support designed to work with organizations that desire to develop and implement customized workplace violence prevention policy and plans and workplace security programs, assessment recommendations, project management and technology procurement.

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