Dealing with Workplace Violence and Managing Conflict Webinar – September 28, 2020

Dealing with Workplace Violence and Managing Conflict Webinar – September 28, 2020

Posted on: August 10th, 2020

Felix P. Nater, CSC, Nater Associates, Ltd. is delivering a webinar entitled Dealing with Workplace Violence and Managing Conflict Webinar sponsored by Training LLC to be delivered on September 28, 2020.

This content will address the value of effectively managing at risk situations by managing one’s behavior, assessing the situation and evaluating the circumstances and communicating in the best fashion in determining how best to respond. So whether one might be an unhappy manager preparing to discuss operational issues, a supervisor about to engage with a recidivist employee problem or an employee attending to a customer call; assessment and evaluation of the situation before and while engaged will determine the best course of actions. However, merely being familiar with the techniques is insufficient, we must have certain qualities, abilities and capabilities in order to understand and apply the techniques. If one is not comfortable engaging in stressful situations these suggestions may or may not work for you. However, essential to engaging conflict is the ability and knowledge to recognize it, capability to manage it and the will to function under stress. Key to the proper management of any situation is how we communicate.  Avoiding poor communication assumptions or being inflexible will certainly have the potential for conflict and confrontation. Communicate with a positive outcome in mind for the other person as well. Being prepared to address the conflict when the situation gets tensed is minimizing risk to avoid and reduce the incident. Positive solution is the one and only objective – you can no longer hide from the indiscriminate decision or action. When things go wrong knowing what to do will help avoid expedient responses and inappropriate measures.

The agenda will address the following areas…

–          Potential Risks

–          Intervention tactics

–          Communications techniques

–          De-escalation approaches

–          Managing the Situation

–          Approach and Engagement

–          Responding to Aggression

–          Levels of Seriousness

–          Confronting aggression