Preventing Violence – Violence Interdiction Method™

The VIM™ strategy allows organizations to manage their programs with agility and robustness through an educated and engaged workforce, working collaboratively to address specific at risk situations, conditions and potential vulnerabilities. Key to the Violence Interdiction Model™ is its cost savings and measurable ROI that effectively reduces costs through the use of organic resources in its day-to-day prevention efforts. By integrating and collaborating resources in the workplace violence prevention process, VIM ™ effectively allows the organization to better manage their own programs with limited external intervention and limited business interruptions.

Thus, Violence Interdiction allows organizations to increase their alertness and preparedness by using assessment tools and other early warning tactics that help analyze and evaluate potential at risk situations and gaps and vulnerabilities before they become unmanageable concerns.  The main objective of which is to minimize the adverse impact of workplace violence with measurable results:

  • Showing the value of involving the workforce as part of your workplace violence prevention and security solutions through increased awareness and enhanced security.
  • Providing technical assistance in assessing threatening behavior and defusing those incidents that could lead to aggression by employees or non-employees.
  • Providing critical assessments of your workplace violence prevention security plans and programs to insure they are serving your unique workplace specific wants and needs.
  • Helping the see the value of integrating & collaborating resources across functional lines to independently manage the workplace violence prevention and response plan.
  • Working as part of the larger but well coordinated emergency preparedness response to a Hostile Intruder or act of violence.
  • Helping create a team concept approach between your various departments to mitigate risk as part of a Violence Prevention and Response Mitigation Team.