Strategy in Preventing Workplace Violence

Workplaces and employers  know that workplace violence prevention is a workplace security threat that worries them.  We help Clients dismantle and dispel critical myths that impede the value of a successful strategy towards preventing workplace violence such as the myths that: “Workplace Violence is not preventable and it won’t happen here“.

Myth: Workplace Violence Can’t Happen Here

Unfortunately, incidents and attitudes that lead to workplace violence are a reality at all workplaces. Preventing workplace violence requires an active ongoing process embodied by both the staff and supervisors. The thought that it can’t happen here is a myth. Fortunately, viable solutions can be attained once it is agreed that a problem exists. Through Nater Associates’ versatile strategy, companies learn to become committed towards a coordinated effort of eliminating potential situations through which violence arises.

Companies do not always have the resources needed to dedicate to an ongoing effort of preventing workplace violence. However, regardless of the real or perceived limitations, our strategies encompassing collaboration and integration amongst all company levels are a proven success in all workplace alignments, simply by focusing all company eyes on the actual point of need.

For every company, this basic point of need will vary, depending upon industry, size, and culture of the business. This is why it is very important that an expert diagnose the needs of your company from an unbiased, educated position. Increasing awareness is worth the investment of time, energy and resources in identifying threats and mitigating risks. The result is a safer, more friendly  professional climate for your entire staff and employees.

We Commit Our Resources To Your Success

It is this very commitment of resources that increases an organization’s chances of hasty problem solving, conflict resolution and incident avoidance in managing risks and preventing the more serious violent outbursts. Since the contributing factors that lead to violent outburst do not occur over night, waiting and hoping are not appropriate responses, but only fuel to the problem. Staying alert and being prepared NOW are the derived benefits of the Violence Interdiction Method™.

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