Nater Associates Business Philosophy

Business Development Strategy and Vision.

I partner with manufacturing, processing and production firms and other organizations to provide for safe/nonviolent workplaces through the application of holistic workplace violence prevention and violence response strategies as part of a robust, agile and proactive (RAP) Violence Interdiction Methodology (VIM).  By providing as much information as possible workplaces can be in a better position to think accurately and  critically in developing the right strategies and acting independently to prevent, mitigate and reduce incidents, address circumstances and situations that can escalate if not properly managed. I help them achieve an organizational response to workplace violence prevention by enhancing situational awareness through an informed management team and workforce as part of its organizational response.

In the end, I live and die by the sword. It is my belief that taking risks for our Clients verifies my investment and commitment.  I see a distinction between giving information and giving advice. I see my role as showing and telling people, “Here’s what you should do about a problem, a situation, or an opportunity,” and support it with a compelling investment in the Client.  I see my  work as a leadership responsibility. In the end, I empower the Client to act independently with limited involvement from their consultant.

As Such Nater Associates Focus is on:

Broadening on the nature of Client work, the reputation I build in helping Clients attain long-term results, and the widening application of my expertise and experiences.

Increasing profitability, not revenue. Quality not quantity.

Increasing revenue while decreasing overhead.

Belief that predetermined financial results are only one indication of success. It is truly the ability to meet long-term, predetermined goals that dictates the true measure of ultimate financial success.

Realizing that potential opportunities may surface as a part of my practice while on a Client project that, while it may not be a core product or service, Nater Associates gladly accepts this as an opportunity for future development.

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Nater Associates Core Principles

I will undertake consulting assignments that result in the direct resolution and involvement of the Client in enhancing their workplace violence prevention security posture by containing costs and improving operations in reducing problems.

I will assist in the improvement of the security education process and understanding from the top down to the lowest level of employee to help realize the benefit of the security strategy and financial commitment made by the Client.

I will design and implement workshops, seminars and training programs that result in demonstrable behavior changes as determined by the Client’s wants, desires, values and solutions they expect through sustaining and reinforcing support.

I will endeavor to create a collaborative business-security relationship in which the corporate security responsibility is shared with the Client, skills are transferred and dependence is gradually diminished to the point of disengagement.

I will identify a prospect’s real needs, concerns and issues then offer customized solutions and plans that takes into consideration that all parties should have their profitability needs profitably met.