Letter & Parcel Bombs Pose a Significant Risk to The Workforce

Posted on: October 29th, 2018

Workplace Security is a Holistic Approach. Letter & Parcel Bombs Pose a Significant Risk to The Workforce. In this CNN report Felix P. Nater, CSC President of Nater Associate’s, Ltd. and former Postal Inspector addresses the protective measures Postal Inspectors deploy in protect the Postal Service & Public at large.

2 Responses

  1. This work and these steps are so important- good to know you’re addressing it. Thanks, Felix

    • Felix says:

      Eileen, your interest in the work performed by Nater Associates, Ltd. is much appreciated. Conducting this interview for CNN was a necessary one from the perspective of workforce and workplace safety. As a former United States Postal Inspector familiarity with suspicious letter mail and parcel handling was critical in providing for the safety of the Postal Employee and they customers. To facilitate workplace safety and security the Postal Inspection Service developed specific strategies, tactics and training designed to mitigate personnel risk when handling such mail bomb devices. These efforts were well coordinated and available online through the Postal Inspection Service’s website. Allaying concerns about personnel safety was the least I could when called upon to address the Postal Service emphasis and the threat posed by suspects involved in sending letter and mail bomb parcels. Kudos to the Postal Inspectors, Postal Employees, Secret Service and All other corporate security organizations for their swift actions.

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