About Felix Nater

Focused On Helping Clients Achieve A Prevention Mindset…

Felix Nater, Workplace Violence Security Expert

Hello, I am Felix P. Nater, a Certified Security Consultant as awarded by the International Association of Professional Security Consultant (IAPSC) and owner of Nater Associates, Ltd..

Since 1993, I have been involved as a Postal Inspector investigating and assessing workplace violence incidents, consulting and advising senior postal management, testifying at civil and criminal proceedings and now as a Security Management Consultant helping manufacturing, processing, production and other companies who hired me. Today, I enjoy helping companies implement and manage workplace security strategy, deliver training and develop and roll out workplace violence prevention programs around an organizational robust, agile and proactive prevention (RAP) methodology.

It gives me pride helping clients understand in plain, simple, practical language how to best integrate, collaborate, coordinate and communicate their workplace violence prevention policy and plan. My approach is purposeful in crafting a customized solution for each organization that places a high-degree of emphasis on communicating the policy and plan and educating managers and employees, alike.

Organizations are able to achieve the appropriate balance through the importance of collaboration in maintaining a spontaneous, agile workplace and coordinating the effort by implementing the necessary protocols to achieve a safer environment. Recognizing the uniqueness of every client and formulating results-based initiatives that work within their businesses is the goal. Insuring that clients receive the best value and outcomes from their investment in me is nonnegotiable.

My primary objective is to draw on my personal and professional experienced-centered background and knowledge-based expertise to deliver Clients what they want while building a trusting and lasting relationship.

How Will Felix Achieve this?

Felix Nater will:

  1. Identify real needs, concerns or issues and offer immediate or customized solutions that take into consideration that all parties should have their needs profitably met.
  2. Answer the question: What does the Client’s capabilities do to secure the internal and external workplace environment against the threat of workplace violence and aggression and are these measures reasonable, sufficient, cost-effective and coordinated to achieve their maximum value and purpose?
  3. Assess and evaluate existing policies, plans, procedures, practices & programs to identify security gaps.
  4. Help understand the value of properly deployed physical security, access control & visitor management technology & systems that enhance workforce & workplace security.
  5. Recommend cost-effective security management approaches, methodologies and strategies.
  6. Identify how the unintentional consequences of policies contribute to conflict and workplace violence.
  7. Implement workshops and seminars that result in demonstrable security changes and improvements thru situational awareness, sustainment and reinforcement support.

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