About Felix Nater

Felix Nater’s Philosophy to Helping Clients Achieve A Prevention Mindset…

Felix Nater, Workplace Violence Security Expert

Felix P. Nater, CSC is a client-focused, workplace violence prevention expert who understands how concerned CEOs, COOs & other senior leaders really are about their commitment & investment to workforce safety & security. As the owner of Nater Associates, Ltd., Felix helps organizational leaders implement and manage workplace violence prevention strategy around a robust, agile and proactive prevention methodology designed to avert disaster.

In partnership with the management team, Felix  works with each organization in anticipating, assessing, and addressing their current prevention and violence response posture in applying the tools and techniques necessary to minimize risk from the employee and non-employee violence. His expertise comes from decades of hands-on involvement in businesses and industries like yours. Felix helps clients understand in plain, simple terms how to be proactive when it comes to violence prevention & violence response. He integrates incident assessments in resolving contributing factors, threat assessment in risk identification, and development and delivery of training programs that support policies, plans and procedures. His approach is purposeful in crafting a customized solution for each organization that places a high-degree of emphasis on communicating the policy and plan and educating managers and employees, alike.

Felix is able to achieve the appropriate balance through collaboration in maintaining a spontaneous, agile workplace and coordinating the effort by implementing the necessary protocols to achieve a safer environment. He recognizes the uniqueness of every client and formulates results-based initiatives that work within their businesses. Felix is further committed to ensuring that clients receive the best value and outcomes from their combined effort.

Felix’s primary objective; however, is to draw on his experienced-centered background and knowledge-based expertise in helping astute leaders recognize the probability and impact that could result from not executing appropriate violence prevention measures. His ultimate desire is to build a trusting and lasting relationship focused on developing  internal capability on sound leadership advice that creates safer, productive workplaces for his clients, today and in the future.

How Will Felix Achieve this?

Felix Nater will:

  1. Identify real needs, concerns or issues and offer immediate or customized plans that takes into consideration that all parties should have their profitability needs profitably met.
  2. Answer the question: What does the Client’s capabilities do not to secure the internal and external workplace environment against the threat of workplace violence and aggression and are these measures reasonable, sufficient, cost-effective and coordinated to achieve their maximum value and purpose.
  3. Assess and evaluate existing policies, plans, procedures, practices & programs to identify security gaps.
  4. Help understand the value of properly deployed physical security, access control & visitor management technology & systems that enhance workforce & workplace security.
  5. Recommend cost-effective security management approaches, methodologies and strategies.
  6. Identify how the unintentional consequences of policies contribute to conflict and workplace violence.
  7. Implement workshops and seminars that result in demonstrable security changes and improvements thru situational awareness, sustainment and reinforcement support.

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