Trusted Workplace Violence Prevention Consultant

Workplaces and Educational Institutions know that increasing their workplace violence prevention posture is important to their workforce safety, security and morale. I help processing, production, manufacturing & utility firms implement and manage workplace security strategy with a specialty in workplace violence prevention and violence response on lessons learned, not hype.

Do you need to increase your organizational response to workplace violence prevention & violence response?

Help your organization implement a proactive workplace violence prevention program? 

Develop a program your employees trust and have confidence in your ability to protect them? 

A comprehensive workplace violence prevention assessment can help identify gaps in your workplace security posture, workplace violence prevention policy and culture that might create unintentional consequences and contributing factors. Do it right! Let me work with you to develop an approach that will result in your better preparation and better situational awareness.

Are you the human resource manager, security manager, facility manager or safety manager looking for an authority on workplace violence prevention? You’ve come to the right place.

I’m a retired U. S. Postal Inspector who has worked with senior postal managers, recommended risk abatement measures, coordinated the prevention effort and testified at Arbitration & Merit Systems Protection Board Hearings & federal criminal and civil court matters in violence related cases.  Over the last 17 years, I have helped Client organizations like yours solve their important issues. Plus, I have written articles published in nationally recognized publications, I’m a contributing author, helped produce a security officer training video with a nationally recognized firm, developed policy, plans and procedures, led discussion groups, participated on panels and presented numerous presentations on the subject. My testimonials speak for themselves.

It has been a pleasure mentoring Client leaders & training their workforce. I’ll be happy to talk about your specific project with you and answer any questions you might have. And if you are not certain of what you really want, together we will arrive at what’s best for you.

So when you want to talk about your workplace violence prevention & violence response needs call 1-877-valu101 or email at

“As the Security Director of one of the major pharmaceutical companies in the world, we had the option to hire virtually any Security Consulting firm in the U.S. to assist us in the development of a Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Program. We interviewed many firms both large and small but settled on Nater Associates. This was primarily due to the “personal” touch offered by Nater Associates’ President, Mr. Felix Nater”. Marvin Washington, Security Director, U.S. sites.    Are you open to new ideas? Call Felix — he has four questions to ask you. Are you interested?

Learn How You Can Develop and Manage your  Robust, Agile, Proactive Workplace Violence Prevention Program

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