Working with executive leadership, employers are shown how to best organize, develop and manage proper ways to handle threats of workplace violence through an educated, involved, coordinated, vigilant organizational response strategy with an emphasis on workplace violence prevention and violence response. Lessons learned are applied, not hype. The issues and challenges you confront are are addressed. Do you want to make a difference?

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Here is what one Client said about their satisfaction. 

“As the Security Director of one of the major pharmaceutical companies in the world, we had the option to hire virtually any Security Consulting firm in the U.S. to assist us in the development of a Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Program. We interviewed many firms both large and small but settled on Nater Associates. This was primarily due to the “personal” touch offered by Nater Associates’ President, Mr. Felix Nater”.  Marvin Washington, Security Director, U.S. sites.

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WHEN YOU ARE SAFE – I SLEEPHow committed am I to insuring you are safe?  My  commitment is to deliver long-term training & consulting services that support your expectations. Your satisfaction insures my compensation. When you are satisfied my job is done.

Are you looking for a partner who just happens to be an authority on workplace violence prevention? You’ve come to the right place.  My testimonials speak for themselves.

CALL THEM CAPABILITES. Because you can’t win by simply being capable. I must be prepared.  And when I am engaged, I produce immediate results you can realize, that remain long after I’ve left.

I’ll be happy to talk about your specific project with you and answer any questions right now.  And if you are not certain of what you really want, together we will arrive at what’s best for you.

Let’s begin with a diagnosis. A comprehensive workplace violence prevention assessment is the first opportunity for us to work together in assessing the issues and deciding the next course of action. It could be training, workplace security or your workplace violence prevention posture.

If you want a safety-security mindset to be at the core value of your workplace, if you want to develop a flexible collaborative methodology that realizes your full potential, if you are interested in creating a robust, agile and proactive (RAP) program with measurable return on investment (ROI) that evolves from a management and employee outlook, then you are at the right website. If you are going to do this, DO IT RIGHT! Let’s work together to develop an approach that will result in being better prepared, immediate boost to you situational awareness, strengthen your organizational effectiveness, and increase your capabilities.

So when you want to talk about your workplace security, workplace violence prevention or violence response policy & plans call me right now at  1-877-valu101 or email me at felix@naterassociates.com. Why wait?

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Learn How You Can Develop and Manage your  Robust, Agile, Proactive Workplace Violence Prevention Program

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