Workplace Violence Prevention is an ongoing process involving multiple intervention strategies. What are you currently doing to manage the threat of workplace violence and minimizing the risk of escalation?  What is your understanding of what constitutes workplace violence and workplace violence prevention?  What is your prevention process? These and other questions must be considered regardless of the type of business, organization or size. You are obviously at the right website. “Inside understanding” is an important part of being able to work with you in answering these questions. Every project begins with a discussion of your concerns. Together we overcome any barriers, demystify myths, and establish a prioritized get-well approach beginning with a workplace violence prevention critical vulnerability assessment.   At the end of the assessment, you will have a view of your posture. To ensure understanding we will work as a TEAM to diagnose problems and design solutions.  The framework of knowledge acquired from the assessment ensures that proper attention is given to meeting your needs and concerns. INTERESTED?


Here is what one Client said about their satisfaction. 

“As the Security Director of one of the major pharmaceutical companies in the world, we had the option to hire virtually any Security Consulting firm in the U.S. to assist us in the development of a Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Program. We interviewed many firms both large and small but settled on Nater Associates. This was primarily due to the “personal” touch offered by Nater Associates’ President, Mr. Felix Nater”.  Marvin Washington, Security Director, U.S. sites. 

Why the concern? Reality is that 1 out 7 Americans do not feel safe at work, according to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM). So, if you are a business owner, CEO, senior executive, human resource security professional, facility, or safety executive, it is highly likely that you are concerned, and looking to partner with someone who has “inside understanding” who will be considerate to your concerns.  I know you are concerned.  Can we have a confidential conversation?


WHEN YOU ARE SAFE – I SLEEPHow committed am I to insuring you are safe?  My commitment is to deliver long-term consulting value that supports your current needs and envisions future capabilities to manage your own situations long after Nater Associates, Ltd. is gone.  Your satisfaction makes the relationship a success. When you are satisfied, I am satisfied, and worth every penny.  Are you interested in having that conversation?

Are you looking for a trusted advisor who just happens to be an authority on workplace violence preventionMy testimonials speak to problems solved, and solutions that could address your concerns.

CALL THEM CAPABILITES. Because you cannot win by simply being capable, staying aware and prepared to address the risks are more important.

I’ll be happy to talk about your specific project with you and answer any questions you might have right now.  And if you are not certain of what you really want, together we will arrive at what’s best for you.

We can begin with a comprehensive workplace violence prevention assessment as the first opportunity for us to work together in assessing the issues, and discussing what is best for your organization. It could be security technology, a workplace violence policy, a workplace violence prevention plan to support the policy, procedures that connect your workforce to the policy, plan and program. How about workforce, and worksite specific training in addressing specific workforce and workplace violence prevention-security strategy and security posture.

The key to success is a philosophy around a safety-security mindset tied to an organizational response strategy that recognizes the importance of developing a flexibly integrated, collaborated, coordinated and communicated methodology that fixes your problems and addresses your concerns. Are you interested in creating a cost effective robust, agile and proactive (RAP) methodology that sustains long term results on your investment that reflects your culture?  You are at the right website.

“As the Chief Information Officer/Chief Security Officer for GMAC, I was extremely impressed with your knowledge, ability to assess and design solutions that fit our corporate culture, creativity and unrelenting commitment to customer service. When I think about where we started and where we are today, our organizational maturity in this space has grown in leaps and bounds thanks in a large part to your wisdom and dedication.” 

If you are here, you want to do something about your workplace security and workplace violence prevention posture. So why wait? Call me right now at (704) 784-0260 or email me at felix@naterassociates.com. Why wait?

Are you interested? Why put it off until tomorrow>

Learn How You Can Develop and Manage your  Robust, Agile, Proactive Workplace Violence Prevention Program

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