Security Consulting Solutions

Nater Associates, Ltd. applies a holistic practical approach to helping organizations arrive at cost effective workplace violence prevention and workplace security consulting solutions, based on 20 years of experience as a United States Postal Inspector and Security Management Consultant. Together we work to help the client’s leaders manage and implement workplace security strategy with a specialty in workplace violence prevention. Understanding what is workplace violence prevention will help understand the impact of workplace violence on people, workplaces, the business, bottom-line and stakeholders. Combating the threat of workplace violence becomes a sense of urgency when understanding is achieved. To help achieve this understanding, we work together to help organizations shape their robust, agile and proactive intervention strategy. The objective of which is a swift intervention to soften the blow of discontent tomorrow and taking reasonable corrective measures immediately to eliminate hazards and minimize the risk today.

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Over the past two decades, significant events have occurred affecting workplace safety and security; but one thing has not changed – the demand for proactive, competent insight and assistance in the face of limiting budgets and the need for effectiveness and quality leadership. Having a poor performing culture spells disaster in most organizations. This is why an organizational commitment is essential in sculpturing security consulting solutions that avoid the one size fits all.

Some Security Consulting Solutions We Have Achieved for Our Clients

  • designed customized workplace violence prevention training programs for corporations, universities, healthcare and non-profit organizations that helped increase awareness and greater understanding
  • concerned with an external security threat to personnel, facilities and vehicles conducted a comprehensive critical vulnerability assessment and security audit of 125 USPS offices and plants on Long Island recommending personnel, facility and vehicle security measures
  • following workplace violence prevention and security assessments at manufacturing, processing, production, warehouse and other organizations improved access control, visitor management, physical security practices, procedures, awareness and the security response.
  • worked with the security director and VP facilities of a children’s museum to design a customer service awareness program for security officers that improved customer/visitor relationships 
  • collaborated with a major security officer training firm to help write storyboard for a training video on the role of security officers in preventing workplace violence
  • Helped identify gaps in office and personnel security operations and introduced risk mitigation measures after conducting 11 safety – security assessments at customer service offices of a healthcare insurance provider
  • partnered with a major defense contractor to deliver corporate mail-room security and mail handling training that increased operational awareness and procedures
  • worked with a midsize beverage processing and distribution employer to roll out workplace violence prevention policy and supervisory leadership training 
  • helped organizations implement and manage workplace violence prevention plans and incident assessment through project management and outsource advisory support
  • helped a major prime contractor write a handbook on workplace violence prevention guidelines as a subject matter expert
  • led and facilitated panel discussions on workplace violence prevention simulation exercises at national, regional and local conferences
  • helped a pharmaceutical, medical warehouse and educational organization roll out workplace violence prevention and violence response policy, procedures, and training.

These organizations were all outcome focused and results oriented. Imagine how successful you can be by helping your organization achieve long-lasting results!