About Felix Nater

Felix Nater’s Philosophy to Achieving Business Growth and Success!

Felix Nater, Workplace Violence Security ExpertFelix Nater brings to bear an invaluable expertise and experiences in helping his Clients and Prospects make the best buying decision in addressing their immediate and future needs. The advice he provides his Clients and Prospects will be proactive and designed to address all their questions so that the buying decision is theirs and that all he does is facilitate the discussion.

It is Mr. Nater’s philosophy and belief that the Client should never be sold anything that they really don’t need for the sake of making the sale. He believes it is imperative that Clients and Prospects know that it is more important to him to only provide relative services with the understanding that they will derive the best value. His ultimate desire is to create a trusting but lasting relationship that comes to rely on his advice and support, consistent with their current needs while addressing future needs.

Felix Nater will not allow his Clients or Prospects to buy on emotion only when there is a practical long-term solution that is cost effective, suitable and appropriate. It is his desire and interest to promote services to all his Clients and Prospects so that they are in a better position to address their problems and concerns without waiting for him to pitch or sell. In other words, Felix will arm his Clients and Prospects with sufficient information that will allow them to ask questions of himself relative to their vision. The ultimate objective of Felix’s relationship is to invoke a Client-Centered relationship that never places them in a position where they were unaware or did not have sufficient information to make the best decision in taking appropriate action.

How Will Felix Achieve this?

Felix Nater will:

  • undertake consulting assignments that result in the direct resolution and involvement of a Client in enhancing its security posture by containing costs and improving operations in reducing problems.
  • assist in the improvement of the security education process and understanding down to the lowest level of employee to realize the benefit of the security strategy and financial commitment made by the Client.
  • design and implement workshops and seminars that result in demonstrable behavior changes as determined by the Client’s wants and desires and value and solutions they expect thru sustainment and reinforcement support.
  • endeavor to create a collaborative business relationship in which the corporate security responsibility is shared with the Client, skills are transferred and dependence is gradually diminished to the point of disengagement.
  • identify a prospect’s real needs, concerns and issues then offer a customized solution and plan that takes into consideration that all parties should have their profitability needs profitably met.
  • endeavor to identify vulnerabilities to new business acquisition and mergers relative to personnel security, implement protective measures, recommend or deny involvement in the process based on findings and observations to protect the Client from an imprudent decision.
  • help clients implement, deploy and procure technology strategies that best suit their situations by matching the solution in addressing the issue and provide assistance, guidance and advice along the way.

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