Trusted Workplace Violence Prevention Consultant

Workplace Violence Prevention Consulting is an acquired mindset.  With two decades of specialized expertise and experiences as a Violence Interdiction Specialist Postal Inspector and now, Workplace Violence Prevention Security Management Consultant, Felix Nater views workplace violence prevention as an ongoing process involving multiple intervention strategies needed in managing work-site specific challenges. He enjoys co-inventing practical solutions with manufacturing, processing and production firms and businesses interested in unconventional approaches.

Are you interested in creating a comprehensive workplace violence prevention strategy? If you are you’ll be dispelling the myths that “it won’t happen at my place” or that “workplace violence is not preventable?” The idea is to develop holistic workplace violence prevention strategies and ongoing processes and methods to bridge the gaps that dispel myths, and complex theories and relies on practical solutions for your organization.  Are you open to new ideas? Call Felix to discuss your particular situation and address you interest.

Learn How You Can Develop and Manage your  Robust, Agile, Proactive Workplace Violence Prevention Program

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  • We help Clients dismantle and dispel critical myths that impede the value of a successful strategy towards preventing workplace violence: “Workplace Violence is not preventable and it won’t happen here“. … Continue reading